Best Practice Resources

We have a complete library of Best Practice Guides to support partners as they provide top-quality, safe cleft surgery and comprehensive care.

cleft training material

Surgery Resources

Safety and Quality Protocol

Standards for ensuring safe, high-quality cleft surgery.

Surgical Safety Checklist for Cleft Lip and Palate

This important resource should be used to ensure safe cleft surgery.

Comprehensive Care Resources

Feeding Brochure and Video

Demonstrates effective techniques for breastfeeding a baby with a cleft and introduces safe practices for bottle, spoon, and/or cup feeding.

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Comprehensive Cleft Care wheel

Comprehensive Cleft Care Recommended Timeline

The timeline of care details the most common CCC assessments and treatments within ideal patient age ranges from the pre-natal period through adulthood. We recognize not all assessments and treatments are available across our partner hospital network and patients do not always return for consistent services. This timeline is meant to be a reference of what may be ideal as well as areas where we must continue to research and innovate.

Visual Timeline

Written Timeline